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Make Space in Your Life for the Things that Matter to YOU

Make Space in Your Life for the Things that Matter to YOU

What does your mind, body and spirit want? Spend some time reflecting, go within and listen to what your intuition is asking of you. Do you need to clear your mind? Clear your calendar? How can you make space in your world for the stuff that really matters, those...

Nurture Your Own Spirit

Nurture Your Own Spirit

"Be certain you are committed to events that help you attain your goals, or that fill you with joy." - Boundaries and Bucket-Filling by Lisa Driver It has been a very chaotic and difficult few weeks for me and I am exhausted. I have been searching for a work-life...

What’s in a Name? “Spiritual Roadtrip” Explained

What’s in a Name? “Spiritual Roadtrip” Explained

Episode #2 of my podcast explains the meaning behind the title "Spiritual Roadtrip" and how you can (and should) have more fun, celebrating each day! The guided meditation at the end will help you tune in to your heart and fill it with celebration and joy. Listen...

3 Ways to Avoid Spiritual Burnout

3 Ways to Avoid Spiritual Burnout

As a nurturing, sensitive and spiritual woman, my compassion levels are high. Yours likely are too if you look to me for coaching and guidance. You may even describe yourself as an empath, a sensitive soul who finds it difficult to be around others without picking up...

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