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Overcome the Loneliness of a Spiritual Awakening

Overcome the Loneliness of a Spiritual Awakening

Discovering your spirituality can be lonely. It can be a steep learning curve to awaken your higher consciousness & open your third eye. You may lose friends along the way & feel isolated as you tune in to the messages of your soul. But you are not alone! In...

How to Develop a Grateful Heart

How to Develop a Grateful Heart

What was good about your day today? What kind of simple magic did you witness? The more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you will see things to be grateful for. The world is full of hope, if you only look for it. Struggling to see the magic in every...

Build Balanced Relationships

Build Balanced Relationships

Who surrounds you? Do they support you? Are they friends or are they clients? Time to take an honest look at your relationships and make sure they are balanced. Give the people in your life the opportunity to step up or step out, offering you the same love and support...

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