As a nurturing, sensitive and spiritual woman, my compassion levels are high. Yours likely are too if you look to me for coaching and guidance. You may even describe yourself as an empath, a sensitive soul who finds it difficult to be around others without picking up intuitively on their emotions, frustrations, and fears.

I truly believe this sensitivity is a gift, meant to be used to help others and ourselves to grow, learn and lead.

You might disagree.

Often, this sensitivity can feel like an immense burden and – if your boundaries are not strong – can easily leave you feeling drained, exhausted, and burnt out. In my years of coaching, I have shared a variety of different tools to help you keep your boundaries solid and to fill your mind, body, spirit buckets consistently and this week, one of those tools came to the forefront in my meditation practice:


Rest is one of the easiest things you can do to practice self-care, but often one of the most difficult things for spiritual women to prioritize. We have an innate need to help as many people as we can, or we may be mothers, busy entrepreneurs, or energy workers. We don’t have time to rest!

As I write in Boundaries and Bucket-Filling, if you don’t prioritize and make time to rest, your body will force you to. Illness, injury, anxiety, etc. will all sideline you without your consent. Not fun.

This is what happened to me this week, with a leg injury making me slow down and listen to my soul and what it needs. Even knowing the importance of rest, I still need to be reminded from time to time that I am worthy of a break.

Here are 3 simple ways you can avoid spiritual burnout and keep your mind, body, and spirit high vibe and happy.

  1. Recognize that you need a break. This self-awareness is the crucial first step in avoiding burnout and helping your mind, body, and spirit to stay healthy and nurtured.

As I mention in this coaching video, do not wait until you are at rock bottom – your body sustains an injury, your anxiety reaches an all-time high, your spirit is so depleted you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning – before you take a break. Take the time to tune in daily and ask your spirit what it needs. How can you honour yourself? Breathe deeply and trust what comes.

Once you have the answer:

  1. Schedule in your self-care and make it a priority. This is technically two steps but the hope is, if you take the time to put something into your calendar or set an alarm for it, you will actually act on it. Bonus points if you tell someone who loves you what you did or are doing for yourself – celebrate it!

It should go without saying that if you tune in and receive Divine guidance on how to honour yourself, you should take that inspired action and listen. Even if that action seems counter-productive. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do for yourself is rest. Having trouble taking action? Check out this video for help.

If you get stuck on #2, you likely feel unworthy or guilty. This is where step 3 can be the most important of the bunch:

  1. Let Go of Guilt! Give yourself permission to take this time. You deserve it! Your family and friends and community deserve it, too. How grouchy are you when you are depleted/sick/exhausted? How much love/insight/support can you give when you are burnt out? Take this short time to rest and recharge, knowing that after you do, you will feel lighter, brighter and ready to move forward inspiring others.

If you struggle with this last piece and find your mind full of all the things you “should” or “could” be doing instead, try to breath deeply and remind yourself that a sick and injured you is useless. The world will keep spinning while you take 20 minutes to relax and rejuvenate your soul. And the more you love yourself, the easier it is to love others and to find joy in each day.

So how are you honouring your soul today? What does your mind, body, spirit need?

Sending you lots of rejuvenating love and sweet dreams,



Affirmations to help your mind accept the inspired action of rest:

“I honour my body and its needs.”

“I am grateful for all my body does for me and thank it with rest.”

“My mind is peaceful, calm, and connected to the Divine.”

“I am surrounded by loving, uplifting light.”

“I deserve regular breaks so I can keep my energy up.”

“The more rested I am, the easier it is to inspire others.”

“As my light shines brighter, I uplift and support countless others.”