“Be certain you are committed to events that help you attain your goals, or that fill you with joy.”
Boundaries and Bucket-Filling by Lisa Driver

It has been a very chaotic and difficult few weeks for me and I am exhausted. I have been searching for a work-life balance since I returned to work 7 weeks ago and have yet to find it. Life with two littles is new to me and time is a very precious commodity.

With my schedule too full of work commitments, my body has been physically shutting down with injuries & illness – making me slow down. I am finding my energy consistently low, despite my spiritual toolkit. My time with my family is suffering, I am falling behind in the courses I am taking, and resentment (in all areas of my life) is building. Not good.

Further to that, as many of you know I have been wanting to write my fourth book, “Spiritual Roadtrip” for quite a while. I’ve had the outline for it since the summer and yet, I have not made the time for it, instead prioritizing other smaller events and content.

So I’m pulling back. I’m not exactly retreating to the mountains to hermit for the winter, like some authors do, but I am carving out the time to write this fourth book and meet the deadline I’ve set for myself to have it published in the spring.

This means I will be cancelling all upcoming events until the spring, when I hope to launchΒ Spiritual Roadtrip.

I will continue to share content on this blog, Youtube and social media, and my podcast will still be shared once a month. This month’s podcast explains the meaning behind the title “Spiritual Roadtrip” and the guided meditation at the end will help you have more fun, celebrating each day!

I will still be offering one-on-one spiritual coaching/readings, as well as angel parties/moms’ night out group gatherings. Please email me to book.

I trust that you will understand and respect my decision and perhaps take a look at your own schedule, asking where you can pull back and find more time and space to nurture your own spirit?

Are you like me where you are committed to too many “to dos”? Do they resonate with your heartspace and uplift you and those you love? If not, how can you let them go with gratitude, love, and the best intentions for all involved?

It’s not easy to pull back, especially when you are a nurturing, motivated, soulful person who craves influence, impact, and achievement. Yet if you do not listen, your body will force you to stop. This has been the case for me and so I am listening before my body really gives me what-for.

Remember, you cannot pour from an empty bucket.Β 

I’m so thankful for your support and encouragement, and I look forward to sharing Spiritual Roadtrip with you in the spring!

Big nurturing hugs coming your way,